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For Urban Marketers
Urban Call keeps you informed about resources and trends in urban marketing. Now get information you can use every month — sign-up for Urban Call Briefs delivered to your desktop.
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Reach more than 100,000 urban retailers with only one call . . . Urban Call. The first and only trade magazine dedicated to meeting the needs of urban retailers.

Urban Call delivers timely, useful information to the owners and managers of small and large urban retail businesses across the country.

Every issue includes:

• An in-depth cover story on a topic of importance to the urban retail industry.
• An association profile or feature covering trade associations and organizations that serve urban retailers and businesses.
• Editorials by guest columnists with something to say about multicultural marketing and retailing and the world we live in.
• Profiles of retailers and service professionals who serve urban ethnic clients.
• Columns by experts in tapping the Hispanic, Asian, and African American markets, that give readers information and contacts they can use.
• Calendars with upcoming events in the beauty industry, general business and cultural events, and multicultural holidays and events that alert retailers to their customers' holiday planning.
• Urban Briefs, with resources, access to valuable information, and valuable information of interest to urban retailers.

Who reads Urban Call?
Our readers include retailers, jobbers, cash & carry distributors, wholesalers, buyers, and marketers whose businesses are increasingly influenced by urban consumers. These people decide what products and promotions are authorized, sold and displayed in their stores--a cross-section of mom & pop shops, bodegas, mass merchandisers, independents and inner-city chains, as well as discount, drug, convenience stores, and discount chains.

Why Do You Need Urban Call?
Today, ethnic urban consumers now comprise the fastest growing consumer group in the country. African Americans, Hispanics and Asians now represent 25 percent of the U.S. population. This growth in numbers comes with a major growth in spending power. Today, the combined spending power of African Americans, Hispanics, and Asians exceeds $1 trillion annually.

This fact makes one thing very clear: What these groups decide to buy or not buy will impact your business at the bottom line. Urban Call can help you meet the challenge of building inner-city retail distribution and retailer awareness.

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  • Inner city proves profitable for Pathmark stores
  • Nizoral® A-D delivers relief for for African-American dandruff sufferers
  • Asian-American market offers growth opportunities
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